How Breast Reduction Can Improve Your Back and Body

Breast hypertrophy, which involves very large breasts, can lead to back and neck pain, headaches, grooving in the skin of the shoulders, nerve compression leading to hand pain, tingling and numbness, chronic skin irritation and infection under the breasts, and other symptoms from the weight of the breasts. Breast reduction helps to take away this pressure from the breasts, improving posture and the entire body.

Insurance companies view all these ailments as indications for breast reduction surgery.

How Breasts Affect Posture

Proper standing posture includes a curved-in line in the neck and lower back, with the torso slightly curved out. In this position, the shoulders are pulled back and down. The weight of large breasts can bring a person’s chest and shoulders forward, creating poor posture over time. Having the chest and shoulders forward can put the rest of the back out of alignment, throwing off the correct posture that helps the body absorb shock and move properly. When this improper posture is consistent, it tends to result in back, neck and shoulder pain.

How Breast Reduction Improves Posture and Pain

When some of the weight is removed from the breasts, a woman can have a breast size that is more proportionate to the rest of her body. This can help her stand upright instead of having that hunched over posture, which can help her body work better and have less pain.

A 2013 study in The Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery confirmed these positive results. In the study of 11 women, researchers found that breast reduction surgery helped the body move toward better posture, especially in certain areas including the trunk, shoulders and pelvis. The participants also reported less back, neck, shoulder and arm pain after the surgery. 

When the breasts are causing posture and back pain problems, a reduction can help. Since improper posture in one area can throw off the position of the rest of the neck and spine, improving this area can improve the entire body.  


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